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Apartments in St-Petersburg


We are aware of the need for an alternative to the expensive or poor quality hotel accommodation that exists in St. Petersburg at this time. We offer a variety of luxurious apartments, which are a good alternative to living in an expensive hotel. Our goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible and to relieve you of the need and expense of a stay in a local hotel. Picture the comfort and the seclusion in your own dwelling in a fully outfitted apartment furnished to high European standards.

The apartments are available for short- as well as long-term lease.

The Apartments are located in the historical center of St. Petersburg. All apartments have entrances from the street, including code locks and safe metal doors. All the apartments are equipped with washing machines, TV, VCR, and audio entertainment centers. Most of them are equipped with a dishwasher as well. Take a look at the apartments using the toolbar on the left.

Our employees solve any maintenance questions immediately and at any time of day and night.

In case you are planning to stay in St. Petersburg only for a short time or do not require a luxurious flat, we also offer furnished rooms right in the center of the city.